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Saturday, 9 July 2011

scion xb concepts

scion xb concept

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For this year's Art Cars, Scion asked three designers to each customize an xB around a theme of their choosing. Washington designer Blaine Fontana chose an atypical-for-Scion theme and created an outdoors xB similar in style to camper vans. With a tent on the roof and a kitchen inside, his xB is ready to rough it with its big off-road tires. Los Angeles designer Kenton Parker went in the opposite direction with his xB, creating a miniaturized replica of the "roach coach" catering trucks often found near construction sites. Also from Southern California, designer Jeff Soto decided to turn his xB into a Bonneville Salt Flats racer. With a chopped roof, big wing and solid, brushed-aluminum hubcaps, it certainly looks the part, and the TRD supercharger under the hood should give it the extra power to complete the illusion.

scion xb concepts
scion xb concepts

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