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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

2008 bmw m3 sedan

2008 bmw m3 sedan

Surprising few but delighting many, BMW pulled the silk off of the next model in the M3 lineup. The M3 coupe hasn't even hit US ports yet, and we now know that a four-door sedan variant will follow. From a specifications standpoint, it will be identical to the coupe, including that car's 414 horsepower, high-winding V-8 engine and Sequential Manual gearbox. The coupe's front and rear fascias are grafted on to the current 3 Series sedan's body panels; all other suspension, brake, exhaust, wheel/tire, and interior components carry over as well. About the only trick bit that won't make the crossing from coupe to sedan is the carbon fiber roof panel; perhaps BMW figures that if you need a sedan, you'll be carrying more people with you anyway, so the few pounds saved by the high tech, high cost roof panel won't matter. BMW never gave us a four-door version of the previous generation M3, but has recognized there's sales volume and happy customers to be had here, so why not? Pricing announcements are pending, and as is the car's on-sale date, but expect it to show up this spring. Can a hardtop/convertible M3 be far behind? Our answer would be no. - Matt Stone

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